Want to Collaborate? 3rd, Move from Linear to Adaptive Thinking

March 1, 2016Collaboration

What do I mean by linear thinking? Consider the industrial model — take your raw material, feed it through specific processes, and out comes a finished product. Can’t get much more linear than that. To some extent, this is how we’ve been trained to think and act, with detailed strategic plans and logic models to guide our steps. More … Read More

Want to Collaborate? 2nd, Move from Silos to Systems

February 10, 2016Collaboration

Do you know what’s happening outside your silo? It wouldn’t be surprising if, for many, the answer is “not really.” Organizations, and I think nonprofits particularly, are implicitly encouraged to operate within their own silos – to focus on their own mission, connecting with others only when necessary to achieve their own goals. That’s how … Read More

Want to Collaborate? 1st, Move from Competition to Trust

January 20, 2016Collaboration

“Change happens at the speed of trust.” I’m not sure who first said it, but that short sentence captures in a nutshell both the promise and the difficulty facing collaborative initiatives. Promise, because when there is trust between individuals and organizations, they’re willing to work together towards bigger goals and  the opportunity for greater impact. … Read More

Collaboration Is Important… What Gets in the Way of Doing It?

January 6, 2016Collaboration

Do you collaborate? When I ask people that, the answer is typically yes. When I ask how they collaborate, some of the most common responses are that they make referrals to other agencies, share information, see each other regularly at community meetings. Maybe they are partnering with another organization to implement a project or expand … Read More