You want to improve the lives of your clients and community. LKM Consulting can help.

We work with nonprofits, government agencies, and funders to support their ability to achieve greater impact for the people and communities they serve. We’re passionate about improving the lives of those who need additional resources to thrive, and want you to be successful in your efforts to meet their needs. With a results-driven focus, our consulting work centers on strategy development, performance measurement, and building effective collaborations.

Our work is always customized to meet the unique needs of each client. We’ve worked in government and nonprofit organizations, and been the recipient of grant funds as well as the funder. We understand the many challenges agencies face in trying to make a difference, and the limited resources available to them. Our commitment is to work in partnership with you to identify practical strategies that will be both effective and actionable.

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Our Services

Strategy Development

Strategy trumps a strategic plan – The traditional strategic plan is not sufficient in today’s rapidly changing environment. Learning to think and operate strategically, however, is essential. It enables agencies to be more flexible in navigating both the challenges and opportunities that are sure to arise. This requires absolute clarity about mission, values and goals to guide strategic decision-making.

Performance Measurement

Results (and data) matter – The days of being able to explain impact only with anecdotal stories are over. Funders, donors, volunteers – everyone wants to know if organizations are actually achieving the results they intend. That requires meaningful measures of performance, not just counting the numbers served or the units of service. For data to be useful, agencies also need to be able to utilize it to drive ongoing learning and performance improvement.

Collaboration Building

Collaboration is essential – The issues being faced by individuals and communities today are increasingly complex and inter-related. Individual agencies cannot hope to address all of their clients’ needs on their own, making greater coordination with other organizations that share similar goals critical. This requires looking at partnerships differently and building deeper collaborations.

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